Project page FAQs

When posting a business idea: each post is assigned a ‘project page’ commonly known as a ‘product description’ page that outlines the nature of the product. see also community guidelines FAQs.

A project page: in this case is a summary of the business idea, plan or proposal. Similar to a product description or synopsis page, this page familiarises the reader ie buyer or investor the nature of the business idea in question and what to expect in your uploaded business ideas or proposals document files.

Top tip: when posting the project description ie synopsis, please follow the guidelines in the project page template as they are frequently asked questions by most investors and people like you when looking into new business opportunities.

Please note: each post has a one month timestamp before the page expires there after the post can be renewed, this is to avoid spamming.

Enkling's Tip: If there are any changes to your business idea, fundraising or business proposals, interact with your followers by updating the relevant changes relating to your post, this keeps your followers engaged and up-to-date with your posts.

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